Stay one step closer to your patients and help them.

Providing a secure and exceptional customer experience through the most popular channel. Show your care anywhere and everywhere by being with clients and sharing important conversations about their well-being.

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Automate treatment journeys, from admission to recovery

Take care of your patients from admission to recovery, guiding them through the treatment journey with a unified communication solution for billing, schedules, and customer service. Drive revenue by leveraging customer data, automated event-based engagement, and customer support with a human touch.

using SMS service

using SMS service

communicate securely

Build trust with reliable and secure authentication on your customer’s preferred channel, without degrading the Customer Experience. Add an additional layer of security to enhance privacy for your staff and patients with number masking.

Manage your teams faster with automation

Get close to your work team and coordinate roles among them in a faster way and provide them with their daily tasks. reasign the the task from one employee to other

using SMS service

using SMS service

Keep them informed, eliminate the work pressure on your work cadres

Automate the repetitive processes like updating your patient with the latest payment, and notify them of their results and their medical reports to eliminate the work pressure on customer service team by answering the frequent inquiries.

Empower your costumers experince and rais the service level to maximum

let us help you providing an outstanding customer experience across the most frequently used channels - securely. Be available 24/7, designed for the healthcare sector.

let us show exapmles you what can you use it for

Patient reports

update your customers with their result and report
Is there a need to wast their time and effort to take their report and lab results ? Send them their report, lab results, prescription reminders, and any other important information on a channel they use everyday. now you can depend on texting to delever your services to the customers.

answering general inquiries

most of inquiries are repeated why not to automate answering them every time?
by automation the inquires answering you will save the team time and effort and let them put that energy in something more important. and Receive feedback on your customer service is vital in enhancing your offering and boosting trust and loyalty with your customers. Ask them direct questions about how you are delivering your services and use that feedback to refine and improve your strategies - all through a few text messages!

booking of appointments

Enable patients to book, rebook, and cancel appointments using digital channels. Reduce missed appointment rates and costs for healthcare providers and Share them Appointment Status: Once the patients have booked an appointment, they expect to be informed about the confirmation status and pre-requisites of visiting the doctor or consulting online

Receive complaints and feedback

by reciving feedback from your customers you will be able to use this feed back and copmlaint to enhance your team performace and put to put your finger on pulse to give the care they deserve .