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Stand out as a marketing expert who thinks differently Help your clients achieve success using Taqnyat as communication platform.

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With Taqnyat Dashboard, we provide you with some metrics to help you track how many invitations respond to you, and how much you gain from each one so you can be fully focused and dedicated on whats matter

Frequently Asked Questions

Resale is prohibited within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because messages are being exposed and switching between more than one provider, which is lead to harm and effect on the end-user privacy, in addition to the fact that some providers are not authorized by the CITC Authority and therefore does not comply with CITC terms of safety and security.

The referral program aims to employ qualified people and obtain a rewarding financial return without harming the interest and safety of end-users, in addition to not using unauthorized channels to send messages.

In Taqnyat, we seek to establish a true partnership, so that our partners can enjoy a remunerative income for this effort, and thus we pay upto 20% of the sales value.

There’s no limit on how many referrals you can make or how much recurring revenue you can earn!

their is no max amount for your commission , but it depend on the client prices and how much they pay

You will get paid as long the client top up their account